Guide to the Heroic raiding team

Grief is a Semi-Hardcore Raiding Guild.

The Guild emphasis is toward the casual gamer, but we have a progression raiding team which is not in any sense casual. The bulk of this post is aimed at new members who have an interest in joining the core Raiding team.


We run a relaxed Monday night normal raid, which everyone in the Guild who wishes to attend (assuming a reasonable item level, 670 minimum for normal HFC) is welcome to join. No experience is necessary, although we'd appreciate being told when players are new to an encounter. Stand in fire, frolic in void-zones, hit the boss with all the force of a limp Gnome cock if that is what rock's your boat. Its all good.


We run a less relaxed heroic progression Raid on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, from 20:30 until 23:00 server time. This gives us a grand total of 5 hours per week, so we do not have time to fuck around teaching people how to play their class or what the encounter mechanics are. We ask prospective raiders to get Gold Proving Grounds before applying to this group, as it prevents us from wasting time going over the combat logs of players who really aren't ready to raid, and gives them more time to sit on their bridge playing their banjos.


What we expect from prospective raiders is as follows:

1. Attendance. 

Don't apply to this group unless you are willing and able to commit to our grueling and unreasonable demand of 5 hours per week raiding time. We need a consistent Raid team in order to progress. A constantly shifting roster forces us to re-learn fights the majority have already mastered and reduces the time we have for progression fights. Think long and hard about this. 


2. Class/Spec awareness:

You should be playing your class to the best of your ability, in a spec that is effective. You know what your offensive and defensive cooldowns are, and you use them appropriately. You should be geared for your role, with the correct balance of stats and you should know in advance which drops are going to be upgrades for you, and why. Don't be the nubcake who rolls for the wrong stat item, we'll point and laugh if you do.


3. Preparedness:

Our Raids are really predictable. They are every Wednesday and every Thursday evening, from 20:30 server time until 23:00 server time. Always.

By start time we mean that we should be making the first pull at 20:30 server time. You should aim to be outside the instance 15 minutes before that so that we can put groups together and buff the Raid. It also allows us to anticipate gaps in our lineup for the night and bring in appropriate classes if necessary.

You should show up repaired, with sufficient flasks, potions, runes and food for the run. There will be feasts for the farm bosses, but you will be expected to use 125 stat food for the progression fights.


4. Addons:

We require you to have Teamspeak and Deadly Boss Mods. Bigwigs is an acceptable alternative, but we may start referring to you as a "special snowflake" if you insist on using it. ORA3 is not currently mandatory, but the raid leaders will thank you for having it as it makes their job much easier, and that phantom "lag-spike" you had that blew up the healers marginally more credible.


The loot rules are explained in another post on the site. They are attendance based, so priority is given to regular raiders.

Anyone still interested in joining the Progression Team should have Gold Proving grounds and let the officers know of your interest.