Ranks, Raiding & Loot rules

In the past our guild has been plagued with inconsistent raiders, loot whores and other such scrubs taking drops over our regular raiders.
To counteract this Grief has put into place a strict set of rules.

We feel the rules and guidelines we have agreed on are fair, balanced and not up for discussion.

1. Guild and Raider ranks


When you join the guild you will enter as a Scrub.
There is no shame in this since we were all scrubs once however you do want to get a higher rank as soon as possible.
Scrubs are the members that have not participated with the guild on any level.


Members are the people in the guild that have shown that they are not here to only get that snazzy guild name under theirs and raid our guild bank.
To move up from scrub to member you just have to show an interest in the guild.
for example: join Teamspeak, register on this website, join any guild event, be talkative in guildchat,...


Veterans are exactly what they sound like, these are the members that have been with Grief for a long time and have earned their keep.


To qualify for the Raider rank there are a few things you need to do and a few addons you need to have.
For starters you need to have Teamspeak 3 installed and be able to join our server. (microphone is not required)
Our only mandatory addon for now is Deadly Boss Mods which can be found here on Curse although having oRA3 installed is a plus.
Once you have all these things set up and you have joined (and completed) your first raid with the guild you will be granted the Raider rank.

-Core Raider

To move up from Raider to Core Raider you will need to do 2 things.
Have gold proving grounds for your main spec. (also required to join the heroic raids)
Have joined the heroic raids on Wednesday and Thursday for 2 consecutive weeks. (4 raids)
After this it is up to the Officers to decide whether your character is up do doing heroic raids with the guild

-Officer & above

Officers in the guild are hand picked by the 2 guildmasters.
They are picked from the more vocal and dedicated member of the guild.


2. Raiding & loot rules

-Raiding days & hours

Grief uses the ingame calendar to coordinate our guild events. (use the calendar button on the minimap to access it)
Raid hours are always from 20.30 to 23.00 server time.
Monday evening we have our normal raid open to all guild members.
Wednesday & Thursday are our Heroic raids which are closed events that only members ranked Raider or up can see.

-Raid Rules

Please be on time for the raids you sign up to.
Invites generally start 10 minutes before the scheduled time so be prepared.
Bring your own food, flask and potions.
Make sure you are on Teamspeak by the time the raid starts.

-Required addons

As mentioned in the raider rank section above, Deadly Boss Mods is required for anybody joining our raids.
Depending on the raid you can be asked to download a boss specific addon. (like Iskar assist in HFC)


For all our raids we use master loot and give priority to members with the Core Raider rank to ensure our core team gets gear over new arrivals.


Please be aware that there is a difference between a friendly suggestion and an order.
You can always make a suggestion, but don't try to order your officers or raid leader around.
We try to have a friendly and happy atmosphere in the raid but remember that the raids are there to kill bosses, not to test your sick banter.