Legion starting raid requirements

As we are at the dawn of the new raiding season we thought it would be good to list the raiding requirements once more.
We are anticipating our raids to be rather full so these requirements will be very strict. 

Failing to meet these requirements will most likely result in exclusion to that weeks raidevents.


1. Item Level

Ideally we would like to see an itemlevel of 845+ but we know that in some cases (bugs and such) this might not be possible for all players.
Because of this we have decided to lower the required itemlevel to 840+.
Any player below this itemlevel will be looked at at a case by case basis.


2. Experience

At the moment we require you to have completed the 8 standard Mythic dungeons. (this does not include the Nightfallen Mythics)


3. Enchants and Gems

As usual we expect all your gear to be gemmed and enchanted.
We do not however expect you to use the most expensive tier so for the raids we want to see a minimum of:

Gems: at least green quality Legion gems (+100 to stat)

Rings & Cloak Enchants: at least the cheap Legion enchants (+150 to stat)

Neck Enchant: High level Warlords of Draenor enchant (+75 to stat)


4. Food, flasks & potions

Bring your own Legion quality food and flasks.

Since legion potions are still very expensive at the moment we will use this time to use up the draenor potions we have in the guildbank.


5. Addons & Programs

Required addons:
- Deadly Boss Mods (link) OR Bigwigs (link)

Required programs:
-Teamspeak 3

Recommended addons:
- oRA3 (link)
- AskMrRobot (link)